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Hiyashi Chuka Recipe

Hiyashi Chuka or Reimen are cold Chinese style noodles with a sweet tangy sauce.  Hiyashi Chuka is served at Ramen restaurants in Japan only during summer.  Chuka Men (中華麺), wheat flour noodles that are the same kind in Ramen, are used in Hiyashi Chuka.  The light and refreshing taste of this dish, on top of the coldness itself, make this the perfect food for hot summer days.

We used dried Chuka Men here, although we didn’t want to use it for Ramen Recipe because of the softer texture of dried noodles.  In Hiyashi Chuka, cooked noodles are not put in hot soup; therefore the noodles don’t get cooked and soften further by hot liquid, and so dried Chuka Men works for this recipe.  The great thing about dried noodles is that they are easier to find at a lot of local stores in the US or online.  They also have a long shelf life, so it is great to keep in your pantry.  They are usually packaged similar to dried Udon or Soba noodles.  They may be labeled as Ramen, but don’t get them mixed up with instant Ramen (the ones with powdered soup) which have a different kind of noodles.

Toppings are usually thinly sliced meat and vegetables.  Typically used ones are Kinshi Tamago, ham, and cucumber; however, you can add anything you like.  Steamed and shredded chicken breast would be an excellent alternative to lunch meat.  Even small Tonkatsu (deep fried pork) can be great if you don’t mind the extra work.  Crunchy vegetables like carrots and Daikon radish and leafy vegetables like lettuce will work nicely, too.

Before you eat, you can add extra vinegar at the table if you like.  Karashi, Japanese hot yellow mustard (not western mustard like Dijon) will give a little kick to the dish.  Even though Hiyashi Chuka is a summer only food at restaurants, and you most likely enjoy it when it’s hot out.  However, now you have this recipe, and you can have it anytime of year at home!

Hiyashi Chuka Recipe



  1. Cook dried Chuka Men in boiling water according to the package. Drain hot water and cool it under running water. Strain well and set aside.
  2. Julienne cucumber and ham. Cut tomato into wedges. Blanch bean sprouts.
  3. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl.
  4. Place cool noodles and toppings on a plate and pour over the sauce. Serve with Karashi if you like.

Hiyashi Chuka Recipe

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