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Mugicha (Barley Tea) Recipe

Mugicha is a Japanese summer cold tea made from roasted barely.  It has a very fragrant taste from roasting, almost like coffee.  Because Mugicha is a no-caffeine tea, it’s been loved by everyone from the young to the old.  It is the most popular drink of all time during summer in Japan.

It is said that Mugicha has been drunk by Japanese people for over a thousand years, but it became popular cold since 1960s when refrigerators became more common. Although Mugicha used to be made from loose tea by cooking in boiling water, ever since they made tea bags that can be used for both hot and cold water, it became even more popular for its convenience.

Mugicha does taste better when made in boiling water with loose tea to get the real flavor if you can find it; however, most people outside Japan may have to depend on tea bags.  But that’s ok, you can still enjoy the taste of Japanese summer in a very convenient fashion!

Mugicha Recipe


  • 2 L (about 8 cups) water
  • 2 Mugicha tea bags


  1. Put tea bags in water in a container. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Remove the bags.

Mugicha (Roasted Barley Tea)

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