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Nametake Recipe

Nametake is cooked soft Enoki mushrooms (Enokitake) in Soy Sauce flavored sauce.  This little salty dish is a convenient preserved food in a jar, like pickles in western homes, that you want to keep in the refrigerator all the time. It is a great accompaniment not only for Steamed Rice but also a great topping for Tofu and even pasta.

Nametake is sold at Japanese supermarkets in glass jars.  Like Nori Tsukudani, it is usually not made at home in Japan since it is easy to find at stores and very cheap.  However, Nametake is so easy and quick and even cheaper to make at home that there’s really no reason to buy pre-made ones from the store.  Also there are not going to be any artificial additives and so it is all natural if you make it yourself.

Enoki mushrooms are popular Asian vegetables in the US and a lot of local grocery stores carry them.  These skinny long white mushrooms have a mild mushroom flavor and a nice texture.  When Enoki are cooked, they thicken naturally.  Nametake is seasoned with Soy Sauce, some sweeteners, and vinegar for a little acidity.  It is salty enough to keep a week or two in the refrigerator so you can have Nametake whenever you like.

Nametake Recipe



  1. Cut off the brown ends of the Enoki mushrooms and wash. Cut into 2" length pieces.
  2. Put in a pot all the ingredients except vinegar and cook at medium heat, stirring constantly. When thickened, add vinegar and cook 2-3 minutes longer.
  3. Remove from heat, let cool, and store in a clean container. Refrigerate up to one or two weeks.


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  • Maria
    October 18, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Hello ! I have a hard time finding enoki mushrooms is my country. Are there any other alternitives? Like oyster mushrooms or something ?