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Chirashi Sushi Recipe

Chirashi Sushi (Chirashizushi) is a kind of Sushi dish with thinly sliced Sashimi raw fish placed over a bed of Sushi Rice, instead of single pieces (Nigiri Sushi) or rolls (Maki Sushi).  Chirashi Sushi is sometimes mixed up with Barazushi which doesn’t contain much raw fish other than decoration.  While Barazushi is mostly vegetable Sushi and more home cooking Sushi, Chirashi Sushi is a more elaborate Sushi dish that you often see at Sushi restaurants.

As Bara from Barazushi means “scattered,” describing that pieces of vegetables are mixed into the sushi rice, Chirashi also means scattered or dispersed.  Instead of mixing fish in the rice, Sashimi pieces are scattered on top of rice.  The kinds of fish for the dish are not set, but it usually includes varieties of seafood like tuna, white fish, some shell fish and fish eggs, sometimes with cooked egg (Tamagoyaki) as well.  If you want to enjoy many kinds of flavors in one plate, Chirashi Sushi is a great thing to order or make.

Chirashi looks very nice because of the colors and shapes from different toppings – reds and whites from fish, yellow from cooked egg, orange balls of salmon roe, and green Shiso leaves and cucumber slices.  It is suitable to serve for special and festive occasions.  There is a lot to celebrate in spring in Japan.  In March, the girls’ festival (Hina Matsuri) is a big celebration, and there are also other celebrations like school graduations and school entrances that occur in spring (the school year in Japan begins in April and ends in March). Cherry blossom viewing picnics and parties (Hanami) are very popular. Even though Barazushi is a more home cook friendly dish, Chirashi Sushi is not hard to make at all.   It may be even easier in a sense because there is less actual cooking involved.  Other than making Tamagoyaki egg omelet and Sushi Rice, you just have to make slices of raw fish. Although Chirashi Sushi looks more extravagant than Barazushi, it is quite easy to make at home.

If you like Nigiri (sushi rice pieces with raw fish on top), you’ll love Chirashi Sushi for its raw fish toppings.  But its not so intimidating and time consuming as making little Sushi rice balls. Try Chirashi Sushi next time you have a celebration at home, and your family will be very impressed!

Chirashi Sushi Recipe

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 2 servings



  1. Prepare Sushi Rice and Tamagoyaki in advance. Let cool. Cut Tamagoyaki into thin desirable size pieces. Set aside.
  2. Slice shrimp on the underside to open (butterfly) and lie flat. Slice fish thinly. Place rice flat in a plate or bowl, and add Nori on the rice. Arrange Tamagoyaki, shrimp, fish, and salmon roe on the Nori and rice, typically in groups using Shiso leaves and cucumber slices as dividers between toppings. Garnish with ginger and Wasabi. Serve with soy sauce.

Chirashi Sushi

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